Usopp's Future After The Story – One Piece Discussion

Thoughts on some new skills Usopp might pick up after the story and what his life would be like if he continued as an adventurer?

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Incubus’s Pet / Ep 2 / Gay Love Story / Gacha Life

Incubus's Pet / Ep 2 / Gay Love Story / Gacha Life


In an alternative universe, Lenia Kurali would’ve been saved by Cyrus Revlion and would be taken to the Kingdom of Angels and would’ve lived a life filled with affection. However, in this universe, Lenia didn’t get saved by Cyrus, instead he would travel away from his destroyed Kingdom until he met Dark who would later become his Master, instead Shadow experienced hardship and barely any affection aside from the King of Demons who would shower him with love (although the King showed it through giving him gifts such as weird looking clothes, kids toys, etc).

This is the story of Shadow, the Fallen Angel Bunny, and his Master, Dark, the Incubus. In this story, they will experience hardship, making enemies (mostly on accident thanks to Dark’s rude nature), making friends, somehow meeting their alternate selves and perhaps, falling in love with each other.

Character Introduction

Age: ???
Species: Incubus
Dark was the one who found Shadow. He was later assigned by the King of the Underworld to take care of Shadow, essentially he became Shadow’s ‘Master’ and Shadow is his ‘Person’. There are also rumors stating that Dark might be Cyrus’s alternative self…

Shadow Kurali
Age: ???
Species: Angel Bunny/Fallen Bunny Angel
He used to be a prince called Lenia Kurali, however, after the downfall of his kingdom, he completely changed and became Shadow. Surprisingly, he shows more emotions than his alternate self.

Lenia Kurali
Age: 18
Species: Fox
This is Lenia Kurali, the alternative version of Shadow. His kingdom was ruined by an unknown force and instead of becoming exactly like Shadow, he was saved by Cyrus. Lenia is someone who doesn’t really express much, kind of strange as Shadow shows more emotions…

Cyrus Revlion
Age: 19
Species: Angel
Cyrus had saved Lenia (Shadow’s alternative self) before he chose to become like Shadow. He now lives with Lenia as his ‘Pet’ even though he doesn’t refer to Lenia as such. Sometimes, Cyrus would act a bit strange… He would act a bit too flirty towards Lenia which would sometimes cause Lenia to be extremely confused.


Feel Again
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Lost Sky
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Rap Critic: JAY-Z – The Story of O.J.

Rap Critic looks at Jay-Z going in a… different direction with his latest video with “The Story of O.J”.

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Here’s the playlist for the Censored 11/Jazz Singer reviews:

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This is the FULL FUNNY STORY FOR our LOVED Antoine DODSON LOL — WTF lol lol best video EVER BEST VIDEOO HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) – Huntsville Police are working to identify a suspect who broke into a woman’s apartment, crawled in bed with her, and tried to rape her. Officers are waiting on fingerprint evidence to determine who the suspect is. The break-in happened early Wednesday morning in the 500 block of Webster drive in Huntsville.r Kelly Dodson says she was sleeping when the man broke in. Her brother, Antoine rushed in to help but the suspect got away. The Dodson’s story became an instant internet sensation. It’s the number one watched video on and Youtube. Antoine Dodson now has a Facebook fan page, t-shirt line, even a ring tone. Some viewers question the decision to let Antoine and his sister tell their story. No one could have anticipated this kind of attention. The Dodsons welcomed the news crew on their property and approached us to do an interview. Some do not agree with what Dodson said in his interview, but the fact is, the Dodsons are victims. Like any victim, they have the right to speak out. Within minutes of the story airing, it became a viral internet sensation, taking over popular sites like Facebook and Youtube. There’s a rap version of Dodson’s interview and now a ring tone clip. So how does Dodson feel about his new found fame? “I know I am so glad because I feel like I belong to someone’s TV,” he said. Dodson says the