Ariana Dos Santos: the future star of female football | Oh My Goal

Ariana Dos Santos: the future star of female football | Oh My Goal

Ariana Dos Santos is surely a future star of world football. Ariana Dos Santos is a 9 year old with INCREDIBLE dribbling skills that would make Neymar blush. Ariana Dos Santos has met Neymar and other Brazilian footballers like Thiago Silva and Dani Alves and shown off her incredible talent.


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Bass Trap Music 2020 ๐Ÿ”ฅ Bass Boosted Trap & Future Bass Music ๐Ÿ”ˆ Best EDM Workout Music #5

Bass Trap Music 2020 ๐Ÿ”ฅ Bass Boosted Trap & Future Bass Music ๐Ÿ”ˆ Best EDM Workout Music #5๐Ÿ’ช Listen Now: (Workout Trap Playlist)
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โœ”๏ธ Tracklist
00:00 BEATSMASH – Ymir (Magic Free Release)
04:12 Modern Revolt – LOCA [NCS Release]
07:13 K4rl – Akumu
13:05 Calli Boom & RYVN – Virtue (Magic Free Release)
15:32 DserT – Dogon
17:53 HIGHSOCIETY – Lights Out
21:17 Illicit Ace – Run It (feat. MELRAAH)
23:33 Yusuf Alev – Yoros (Magic Free Release)
26:32 MELO.KIDS x EMDI – My Love [NCS Release]
28:36 NIVIRO – Get My Love [NCS Release]
31:39 NOIRE – Psychedelic
34:59 Onur Ormen & Reaktive – Grime (Magic Free Release)
37:32 Raiko – Revenger [NCS Release]
40:33 Anixto – Ride or Die [NCS Release]
43:26 Vinsmoker – Haunted (ft Benja) (Magic Free Release)
46:33 32Stitches – Olympus [NCS Release]
49:06 RudeLies & Distrion – One, Two [NCS Release]
51:36 RudeLies – Down [NCS Release]
54:39 NGO & Straim – Stress of Success (feat. Marvin Divine)
58:05 JPB – Crashing Down


Workout Music
Gym Music
Trap Music
Trap Mix 2019
Trap and Bass
Magic Music
Trap Remix

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Battle For The Future: High Ground || Firouzja vs Carlsen || MC Invitational (2020)

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Alireza Firouzja vs Magnus Carlsen
Magnus Carlsen Invitational GAME 4, 20.4.2020
Ruy Lopez, Berlin defence (C65)

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 Nf6 4. d3 Bc5 5. Nc3 d6 6. Bg5 h6 7. Bxf6 Qxf6 8. Nd5 Qd8 9. b4 Bb6 10. c3 a6 11. Nxb6 cxb6 12. Bc4 b5 13. Bb3 O-O 14. O-O Qf6 15. Re1 Be6 16. a4 Rac8 17. axb5 axb5 18. Bxe6 Qxe6 19. Qe2 Rfd8 20. h3 d5 21. exd5 Rxd5 22. Rad1 Rcd8 23. Rd2 Qd6 24. Red1 Qg6 25. Ne1 Kh7 26. Nc2 R8d7 27. Ne3 R5d6 28. Nf1 Rd5 29. Qf3 Nd8 30. h4 h5 31. Ng3 Qg4 32. Nxh5 Qxf3 33. gxf3 Ne6 34. Ng3 Nf4 35. Ne4 b6 36. c4 Rd4 37. c5 Rxb4 38. cxb6 Rb7 39. Nd6 Rxb6 40. Nxf7 Ng6 41. h5 Rf4 42. Ng5+ Kh6 43. Ne4 Nh4 44. Kf1 Nxf3 45. Rc2 Kxh5 46. Rc8 b4 47. Ke2 b3 48. Rb1 b2 49. Rc5 Nd4+ 50. Kf1 Nf3 51. Rc2 Rb3 52. Nc5 Nd4 53. Nxb3 Nxc2 54. Rxb2 Ne3+ 55. Ke2 Rxf2+ 56. Kxf2 Nd1+ 57. Kf3 Nxb2 58. Ke4 g5 59. d4 exd4 60. Nxd4 g4 61. Nf3 g3 62. Kf4 g2 63. Kg3 Nd3 64. Kxg2

World Champion Magnus Carlsen takes on world blitz no. 1 Hikaru Nakamura today in a 4-game rapid match as the 0,000 Magnus Carlsen Invitational begins. Usually that pairing would eclipse any other match, but 16-year-old Alireza Firouzja taking on world no. 3 Ding Liren is almost as mouth-watering. Can Alireza continue in the form that saw him beat Magnus in the Banter Blitz Cup final? All the games will be streamed live on chess24 with commentary in 9 languages as a new age of online chess begins.

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A Reusable Tampon Applicator To Help SAVE THE PLANET | Future Blink

Dame is an applicator made to save costs as well as plastic waste by simply using then washing it.

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#Tampons #FeminineHygiene #Sustainability
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The Buggiest Update Ever? Insight CTP Nerf & More! – Marvel Future Fight

Today we discuss if this is the buggiest update ever in Marvel Future Fight, plus the CTP of Insight got nerfed (changed) and much more!



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Usopp's Future After The Story – One Piece Discussion

Thoughts on some new skills Usopp might pick up after the story and what his life would be like if he continued as an adventurer?

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Shape Your Future with Kees Blokland – Founder & Managing Director of Agriterra

Kees Blokland is founder and managing director of Agriterra since 1997.
He has been vice-president of the Development Cooperation Committee (DCC) of the International Federation of Agricultural Producers (IFAP) in the period 2002 โ€“ 2006, and vice-president of AgriCord from 2008-2016. In 2008-2014 he collaborated with the Spanish farmers and cooperative organisations to found their own agri-agency.
In 2015, he became the director ejecutivo interino. Since 2015, Kees Blokland is involved in the establishment of the agri-agency for Southern Africa, working closely with the confederation of Agricultural Unions from that region, SACAU. He is currently board member of AgriProFocus.

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Future House Mix 2019 | #5 | Denon Prime 4 | mixed by Alphatec | Dance EDM Electro Charts Mashup

Cool new Future House Music combined together in this new mixtape.

Enjoy some awesome beats from Landis, Retrovision, Crystal Rock and many more.

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