SPREAD THE LINK OF THIS VIDEO EVERYWHERE!!!! SPREAD THE WORD! All money made from this will be donated to the charity! KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to…
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25 thoughts on “KONY 2012 (FULL VIDEO)

  1. exposed his fraud?!? LOL, ide beat the piss out of this dude if I saw him….Then another tweet he made a follow up to this movie like 2-3 months ago and no ones gives a fuck…Everyone knows your a scam bro! LOL fucking brain dead americans

  2. This guy is so fucking brain dead, after Forbes exposes his fucking ass for exploiting a serious matter 4 his own financial benefit, like ENORMOUS salaries for him n partners, like before they were making shit, 4 months after this movie he was making 20X his original salary, they couldn’t track any money that was going there. Kony was fucking dead for 3 years before this. I just checked his twitter n he had a tweet saying help the cause to stop Kony? does this douche know 2 publication

  3. america aint doin nothing its the illuminati they hate black people and yea this sounds weird because some of them are black

  4. omg im trying to find out if kony is alive but evey vid i see is bs and im not sure what to belive! anyone else have dis problem?!?

  5. maybe because Kony 2012 is fake and is just meaningless propaganda to get support from citizens to go there when really its just for oil

  6. almost made me cry if i could i would help and support i wonder how this got dislikes because you dislike you have no heart

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