25 thoughts on “Opie & Anthony: Louis CK Explains…His Viral Video – Part 1 of 2

  1. Maybe so but you haven’t realized that it was the older generations that advanced our world in such a way that things are the way they are now. Our current generation of young adults are so spoiled by technology I can’t really see the world going anywhere else any time soon, we’re stuck in an awful corporate loop.

  2. I love Louis CK, and maybe this generation IS really spoiled……and I get what he is saying and I laughed my ass off…… But people get upset when they get sold a product, that doesn’t work as well as it is advertised. It’s like getting that horrible looking burger from a fast food joint, and then comparing it to the picture of it on the wall. The same disappointment.

  3. So if everyone acts like that where the hell did you come from? Don’t believe the hype, do you realize how shitty it was 50 years ago, 100 years ago, 150 years ago? Seriously, this is actually a pretty cool time and the people aren’t as retarded as they were in the 50s. The good old days don’t exist, history teaches us just how backwards people were not that long ago.

  4. They are genuinely friends I believe, now when someone that is as famous but not their friend, they really suck their balls, Chris Rock’s apperance is just a bonanza.

  5. All the sleepless nights, and the pointless violence against my wife. You have no idea how hard it’s been these two years. And on top of that, I get reminded every month or so about that horrible day. The day I misspelled “They’re” in a comment on youtube. I will admit, it’s hard some days. Seeing apostrophes still makes me tremble. But for the most part, day by day, I have learned to live with my mistakes.

    Good day young man. I hope you don’t make the same mistake I did back then.

  6. I agree that the clip helped Louis, but disagree that “no one is watching Conan after seeing this video.” I can tell you from marketing experience that the reason you leave clips to be viral is to gain back some OLD audiences who haven’t seen the show in a while.

    The bigger question is NOT if NBC gained money from keeping it up, but if they gained money by taking it down. More importantly, HOW did they remedy the situation? Did they post the clip themselves afterward with ads & high quality?

  7. This is a comment about a comment commenting comments on a youtube video of Louie CK commenting his own commentary bit about people commenting on technology.

  8. Opie really thinks the stock market means anything anymore? It’s just another asset bubble. How stupid can people be?

  9. Oh yeah, I remember around this time my old mentor friend, who’s super conservative Xian, mentioned how funny Louis CK was and I thought “What the fuck are you talking about, you pod person?” I couldn’t make the connection. Conservatives are not enlightened people, especially when it comes to stand up comedy. But knowing that his video made the rounds via Mark Levine (whoever that is) and the conservative radio network that he’s likely in, it all makes sense.

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