25 thoughts on “Trinidad James – All Gold Everything (Explicit)

  1. And this song for them fuck niggasWho hating on you this summer, fuck emTalk shit behind your backBut won’t say shit in public, fuck em

  2. Another idiot made famous because of the word “Nigga”. I would love to know how many of these fags would even be able to write a single verse if they were no longer allowed to use the word “nigga” this is why white rappers(when they are good) are better than almost every other rapper, because they actually write stuff instead of saying”dont believe me just watch nigga nigga nigga” like WHAT THE FUCK!? Its amazing as to how low peoples music standards are these day.

  3. another 3 minutes of my life wasted,,,who the fuck is this stupid nigger?? AND WHY HE GOT SUCH A BUZZZZZ,,,,WAACKNESSS

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