25 thoughts on “A Very Potter Musical Act 1 Part 1

  1. i honestly love this.. and yes darren will be forever be harry but i am always thankful that i met him as blaine because without blaine i won’t probably know that this master piece exist… (i’m a stargleek.. my friends always call me that because i can’t choose between harry and blaine.. no hate on starkids.. so please no hate as well for me..)

  2. I just finished watching A Very Potter Senior Year and I had to come back here to remember where it all started :’)

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  4. I remember watching these videos back in 2009 just when they started out, thinking they were the most brilliant creations in the history of parody history. I’ve been through everything and after just watching AVPSY, I wanted to come back and reminisce because honestly it made me cry thinking how everything is different and how they’ve all changed. And I know this sounds dorky but I watched them grow and I grew with them and darren and I feel so much better because of these damn things.Thanks. 🙂

  5. ok let’s all calm down, he/she hasn’t said anything wrong, he/she simply didn’t know about this. But hey! a new fan! That’s always great! 😀

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