25 thoughts on “Overly Attached Computer

  1. yep. thanks to dr.dre for sending me rockin solo headphone. And, dont forget to give ur email id and delivery address to receive via courier. its worth a try here ==> bit.lyYsS4md

  2. when i clicked the video it was loading and there was no image yet so i paused it and went to another video. A few minutes later while i was watching pewdiepie i remembered the video i was supposed to watch (this one) when i clicked at this video again (note: i was leaning close to the screen)…. i nearly shat my pants.

  3. hey youu… love me again… LOVE ME AGAIN. im asking nicely pweeeease we’d be just like to peeas in a poooooood, togetheeeeer…

    cant get that outta my head

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