Dracula (2009) 1h 22min ♥ FULL MOVIE

Dracula (2009) 1h 22min ♥ FULL MOVIE

THE PASSIONS OF JESUS CHRIST [2012] FULL MOVIE goo.gl AMERICAN STYLE [2012] Full Movie NEW! youtu.be Watch Full Movie Here: goo.gl Sherlock Holmes [2011] God’s Game [2011] – Remastered Edition: goo.gl Watch Born Into Mafia – FULL MOVIE [2011] goo.gl Review: Honourable Mention: Dracula (2009) tiny.cc Dracula arrives in Los Angeles to drain Hollywood of blood. Van Helsing is looking for Dracula to revenge his dead father. Lucy is missing in action and Mina is kidnapped. Matt is looking for closure. Trivia: “Minute 7:35 sec. The Crew forgot the script sitting on the motorcycle. The Director went back in the basement in the middle of the night and placed two vampire related pages on top of the script.” Melissa LeSage on Model Mayhem: tinyurl.com Sexy Secretary here: www.arialondon.com 2 Years Anniversary Edition in HIGH DEFINITION – HD
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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25 thoughts on “Dracula (2009) 1h 22min ♥ FULL MOVIE

  1. anadevaru 23 hours ago
    SUGI PULA ANA! LOL  I’m sorry to myself for pushing the oscar button on this BEST DRACULA EVER ! Likes -2.163 and “not-likes” -3.357.This tells HATERS SUCK BALLS but i saw it after i played it :))

    GREAT FILM! 34:12
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  2. I like the movies here but sometimes the quality isn’t good that’s why I prefer this one (the link is on my profile)

  3. No porn here Richard. One can not cheat YouTube with FAKE views any longer.

    We ARE taking OVER

    Please have a great day and stay tuned for DOA 2013 starring Peter McHeffey


  4. The acting seems like they are normally porn actors. The dago mob rsponsible for this wanna actually take Hollywood on, head-on..This type of fare versus Hollywood – like, they’re on a hiding to nothing. Having said that, they’re getting YouTube hits in the millions for some of their ‘ productions ‘. So they’ve garnered some curiosity. Unless they have computers running full-time on YouTube automatic playback, to jack up their ‘ hits ‘ tallies.

  5. Rachel Dresden 1 hour ago
    look hon, first FUCK OFF BITCH lol it’s all very good and funny editing movies OSCAR FOR THIS ONE , MY VAGINA 43:22 lol spend more time actually concentrating on story lines and directing, to offer up to youtube, just a suggestion you brilliant winner! my vagina happiness, you may want to study my vagina OSCAR 11:54 in your free time as well! now go study quentin tarantino DJANGO UNCHAINED was CHILDISH and BORING

    Rachel, you fucking asshole jealous hater. 🙂

  6. Rachel Dresden 1 hour ago
    don’t write back to me telling me to fuck off antonpictures and stop hiring ex RACHEL DRESDEN ! p.s. yer movie still gave me HAPPYNESS and i am sending you MY VAGINA bill, mate! and YES! you get an oscar -! this is bloody youtube, the Academy ARE OLD GEYSERS IN THE PARK PLAYING CHECKERS.
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    George Anton
    Film Director / Hollywood’s Real Thing

  7. simp2le 1 hour ago
    Hahaha…i just can’t stop myself asking…WHAT IS THIS ABOUT…I DON’T GET IT…IT’S SO SO SO GOOD MOVIE…GRAT 45:12
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  8. Lordiss lordissxx 4 hours ago
    50 min is watched – ADDED TO FAVORITES, i can watch more and LAUGH

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  9. Harshal Patil 6 hours ago
    Have you tried
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    by antonpictures
    American Style [2012] G RATED ♥ Full Movie
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  10. don’t write back to me telling me to fuck off antonpictures and stop hiring ex porn actors! p.s. yer movie still gave me cancer and i am sending you the fucking bill, mate! and no! you don’t get an oscar dumbass! this is bloody youtube, not the academy!

  11. You shouldn’t put the icon for the real hollywood movie as your film icon… it ticks off people who are looking for the real thing.

  12. Rachel Dresden 57 minutes ago
    2:04 into movie and i alreadyFUCK OFF RACHEL please make this movie gET OSCAR!
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  13. nando buanga 1 day ago

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    antonpictures 1 day ago
    thank you 44:44
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    Prince Esther 2 days ago
    this is movie is very nice 😀 great job to the director ~ ! -Esther

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