20 thoughts on “Charlemagne Says “Drake Might Not Have Another Gear Like Kendrick, Is Drake Era Over?”

  1. Is yall stupid Drake the only artist that can throw an artist an assist,and give them an assist w/a hit stop playing drake over he the only artist that can drop shit and go platinum,who the fuck is charlaminge tha God he a donkey anyway nobody really care about his opinion Drake running the music industry right now!!!

  2. Dark Lane Demo Tapes and Scorpion flopped by Drake standards. Drake has not gotten better. And y’all missing the point. Charlamagne said can’t switch it up anymore and he can’t everything sound the same

  3. 😅😅😅😅😅 if you think drake done you ant nothing but a hater that nigga can do songs for multiple genres its never over for him

  4. When Drake Retires and say he retires than He’s done he is the only one that’s going to make him fall off nobody else well he constantly makes hits constantly and that’s what he does that’s his job now I think it’s a set back because of this coronavirus and because he’s worrying about his kid and he has other priorities to think of once he settles down he’s going to pull out that shit and make it known

  5. Hell yeah drake is done. I mean he’s still a legend but his era is done.He had his reign. They all do. Let him retire in peace.

  6. I think people are missing the point. I don’t think Charlamagne is saying Drake is falling off but we’re in a time where Drake still might be the most dominant artist as far as churning out hits and consistently leading in numbers. I think he means as far as reinventing himself and adding layers to his artistry, he feels like Drake hit his ceiling. Cause when Drake came out, rapping and singing together wasn’t completely new but it wasn’t in the forefront like it is and he took it there. But now everybody blends melody and rap. I think if Drake really wants to he could go left and experiment and make a good to great/excellent project. It’s just a matter of what he wants to do honestly.


  8. That’s facts tho because Kendrick not even putting out all the music he got like drake. Drake makes a song and out it out that day. Lol he got so much out I dont think his ghost righter can keep up lmfao.

  9. Charlamagne sound like a damn fool he was talking about radio with Drake but Drake is the highest streaming rap by like BILLIONS on his off year. Charlamagne should worry about himself not being as popping as he once was.

  10. This Man Drake got pure untouched cocaina in the vault 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 man this man Charlemagne funny style!!

  11. Drake will never touch Kendrick. Kendrick is a narrator and a poet. Drake is just a chameleon to the rap game. Kendrick's stories and LA style is something that just goes together perfectly. Drake might be around making club songs for longer but Kendrick will be the one to touch more souls. His creativity and lyrics put you in situations and describes imagery in ways that Drake cannot and will not ever be able to do.

  12. There really hasn't been a season in the last 10 years that Drake wasn't been played. Kendrick isn't really active as an artist, especially compared to Drake, so what gear is he talking about Kendrick hitting. Drake is becoming more of a brand and moving in ways Kenny isn't.

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