beyoncé's "dangerously in love" album is… pt. 1

i hope you enjoy my reaction and review of beyoncé’s “dangerously in love” album!

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20 thoughts on “beyoncé's "dangerously in love" album is… pt. 1

  1. How you gon say HIP HOP STAR is a bop and love it, yet you say Mariah’s ONE & ONLY from The Emancipation of Mimi is too busy and a lot going on?? Beyoncé gets too many passes from too many.

  2. yes i love this little mini series! running through beyonce catalogue, i do that at least once a month lol. please do all of her albums like this. love it <3 subscribed

  3. Usher and Bey are just friends🤣
    She uses different guys as her love interest in music videos I guess bc Jay didn’t want to unless it was their song until self-titled (Partition) or he was busy bc he also had a busy career

  4. yas!!! i love this album! as a beyonce fan, i know that my opinion is pretty unpopular but i actually miss VOCALSyonce and i really love her younger tone and easy access to her upper register 😭 TRAPyonce is good and all but personally it doesnt hold a candle to her past eras!! i really feel like this album is so clean and solid, and i actually got into this album while i was serving the military during my recruitment days (eww). the following are my top 5:

    1. crazy in love
    2. me, myself and i
    3. naughty girl
    4. signs
    5. dangerously in love

  5. Have u thought about reacting to some 90s artists? Like High-five, SWV, TLC, Tevin Campbell etc? Oh and the Jackson family?

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