Crazy Cat Attacks Dog!

Crazy Cat Attacks Dog!

Hi! I’m Lindsay, the one with the weird laugh. ­čÖé Come visit my channels and subscribe. ******************************************************************* I adopted Leo. He was born with diabetes. He did funny things like this on a daily basis, he made sure he was never bored! Our vet had him on a very strict diet and he had insulin shots twice a day, every day. He´╗┐ hated the food, but was not bothered by the shots at all. His health began to deteriorate. he stopped eating and lost a lot of weight. Everything we tried with the vet didnt work. Then one day he passed away. He was a very funny cat with a huge personality. Thank-you for all the nice and funny comments.
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25 thoughts on “Crazy Cat Attacks Dog!

  1. When´╗┐ a dog wags its tail its happy, when a cat does however, it means impatience, annoyance, or anger. Depending on how hard the tail swishes.

  2. The cat wasn’t attacking the dog, she just want to play. Look at her moving tail, she was happy and want to play. Evidently, cat’s idea of ‘play’ are very different from dog’s idea, so the dog just didn’t get´╗┐ it….:):)

  3. that´╗┐ dog could destroy that cat so easily yet it chooses to be so gentle even tho the cat is being a dick to it

  4. Cat: you look familiar
    Dog: yeh im steve from I.S.animal school
    Cat; =D!! REALLY I MISSED YOU!!! 0:00 -´╗┐ 0:14

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