You want AWESOME videos like this one? Biggest list of great YouTube clips and daily updates of new viral videos. VISIT: MY FACEBOOK PAGE: List of the video is used: PLEASE VISIT THE ORIGINAL VIDEOS: Musik: Hans Zimmer – Final Charge (Last Samurai OST) Landscape Volume 2 Landscape Volume 1 like there is no tomorrow blob jump official world record crazy close shave pass during wingsuit jump in norway crazy close shave pass during wingsuit jump in norway Danny MacAskill Way back home Epic trick shot battle dude perfect experience zero gravity freeskier phil meier profile gopro hd hero – best of jaxon wong 2011 sampler just jump skydives lassi huskainen angry birds mike wilson 99 foot rope swing quadruple backpflips pool skateboarding pro riders in action reel rock 2010 trailer sepaktakraw vigo cup 2011 snowscoot euro speed flying ultimate rush the art of flight – snowboarding film trailer the hd hero2_ 2x as poweful in every way the water winter x games 15 torsten hogmo triple worlds widest slip and slide
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. This is SICKKKK! But I wish we could see the entire jumps. Agree with @gingrbreadIVIan hahaha

  2. the most amazing thing about most of these clips, is that theres someone right behind the person attempting these things, doing exactly what they’re doing, AND filming

  3. At 4:24 he didnt really jump out far. lol it looked like he was goin to hit a peice of that cliff lol

  4. We have a wonderful World why don’t we save it so awesome people could make these awesome videos over and over again !

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