Sax Man- The Lonely Island (feat. Jack Black)

More funny stuff at Moving Mind Studio: This is a fan video, the music is by The Lonely Island and Jack Black. Go buy their “Incredibad” album, in stores now! And yes, there is a weird shadow on my mouth. This was more of a test than anything, if I had known this would get so many views I would have spend more time on it.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Sax Man- The Lonely Island (feat. Jack Black)

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  2. you know this song is produced by the lonlyisland, and not jack black, which is why it says ft jack black and not thelonelyisland…. it has nothing to do with who sings..

  3. Someone said this before and i agree:
    “Sax man is a minimalist. You people simply don’t understand his true genius”

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