The Buggiest Update Ever? Insight CTP Nerf & More! – Marvel Future Fight

Today we discuss if this is the buggiest update ever in Marvel Future Fight, plus the CTP of Insight got nerfed (changed) and much more!



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20 thoughts on “The Buggiest Update Ever? Insight CTP Nerf & More! – Marvel Future Fight

  1. The RNG is so bad that it made the game lagging lol. Or the greed of Netmarble is getting out of hand and shows in the game! Bunch of A$$holes with their feather limits and shi$$ y black friday shop and CTP discount! Fkn hate this game sometimes! I thought that my phone was having issues! Thanks for the honest review!

  2. Idk if it’s being addressed, but in shadowland toons are bouncing all over the screen at times. In the middle of a combo, and voila, the enemy has moved to a different part of the screen. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  3. I play on an IPAD air 2. Yes, I might be considered a "whale", but matter not…I had the heat issue…and the game randomly just shut down at times…usually during manual play in WBU. Very annoying when one is trying to beat higher levels for the first time! Thanks again for an amazing video and keep up the amazing work brother! #416TDOT #Cynicalexisthetruth

  4. OMG I just assume the record I got from the secret shop will remain 60 days and now I check I lost it. I also bought relay packages which also had titan's record so I didn't pay attention. NetM really fucked up this time

  5. I'd be really interested in knowing whether CTP Insight works with Ebony Maw's Uniform buff, since it's key word is Universal instead of SuperHero and SuperVillain.

  6. Many thanks for this video… And thanks to you, a few fixes have been completed. We had mass issues logging into GBR… The lag… Great work as per usual and we love and appreciate the content. 💯

  7. Dunno if you covered it but i found another bug in world boss.Once i played with cap and his max hp was 50k then it suddenly went down to 30k and i couldnt get more and then it went back to 50k

  8. Tier III Spider-Man than claim the Speed Titan's Record… 😀 (See The Bright Side)
    But realy… Bad move Netmarble…

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