Usopp's Future After The Story – One Piece Discussion

Thoughts on some new skills Usopp might pick up after the story and what his life would be like if he continued as an adventurer?

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20 thoughts on “Usopp's Future After The Story – One Piece Discussion

  1. Usopp actually met Sogeking at Sabaody after the timeskip.
    He even identified him as Sogeking.
    It seems Sogeking infiltrated the fake Strawhat Pirates
    to destroy them from the inside
    but let Usopp defeat him to boost his confidence,
    so that he can become God Usopp.

    Way to go, Sogeking!
    (You got a bit chubby though.)

    P.s.: Sogeking only appeared at Thriller Bark because Perona tried to grab Usopp's heart,
    unintentionally calling Sogeking from Sniper Island.

  2. Is there any correlation to how gold d roger opposed rocks d xebec to how luffy is gonna oppose blackbeard??? Two D's fighting in the past and history is gonna repeat itself.

  3. I don’t know why but for some reason what the rest of the straw hat crew does after one piece I’m just like oh cool but when it comes to Usopp I want to cry

  4. I honestly think Luffy will just travel the entire world in any way he can since he’s will be the most free man in the entire world and when he stumbles on another grand adventure he’ll give his signal and bam reunion

  5. Ussop should get a Cool fight and get stronger . And yeah he could be a Cool adventurer and she should marry kaya though..

  6. I didn't even know it was N.N.N. until I had already done it which was pretty much the morning of the 1st day

    Well, at least it's D.D.D.

  7. I never really realized how BAD Usopps childhood was 😂
    His dad not being there, mother just dies slowly out of an illness and then being forced to grow up alone and learn how to gain attention other than having parents who give it to them (his stories/lies)
    I know he was very proud as he found out who his father was but seriously I would hate him so much for not being where he needed to be.
    Even Ruffy could see Shanks more often than Usopp his own father

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