PART 1-3 REACTION: Darth Vader vs Hitler ERB – Epic Rap Battles of History

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PART 1-3 REACTION: Darth Vader vs Hitler ERB – Epic Rap Battles of History

Darth Vader vs Hitler Part 1:

Darth Vader vs Hitler Part 2:

Darth Vader vs Hitler Part 3:

#TrailerReaction and Reaction conducted by Kevin & Dave at Hypetrain.
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16 thoughts on “PART 1-3 REACTION: Darth Vader vs Hitler ERB – Epic Rap Battles of History

  1. You caught Hitler's "train" and "oven" references, but didn't seem to react to the line in part one: "You stink Vader, step into my shower".
    Part one was the second ERB ever, and it was so popular they brought the matchup back for season two. But when more was requested for season three, they decided to do it but end it, as they didn't want this to be a regular thing throughout ERB. Lloyd said after releasing part three that he was done with making so many Holocaust jokes.

  2. The fact that they're unfiltered and really harsh sometimes is what makes it good.
    But Vader has it with the "So many dudes been with your mama, who even knows if I'm your father" line xD

  3. Please react to SKYND Tyler Hadley 🙏 It's a really dark song but amazing at the same time. It's about Tyler Hadley who bludgeoned his parents to death with a claw hammer and threw a party after. It's haunting, disturbing and beautiful…

  4. What people dont get about that "hahaha we making jokes about that guy (hitler) hes such a clown" thing is: If that is so… then you got fucked up badly from a clown and his clown-army in WW2? If youre enemy is weak and nearly fucks you up… then youre weak. Think about it

  5. Hey guys. I am still kinda new here but I am really enjoying you reactions. I was wondering if you would be interested in checking out some videos from Lemmino. He focuses on exploring various mysteries and his videos are alwayes very interesting and well made. My personal favourite is probably The vanishing of flight 370.
    Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

  6. Great vids! Keep it up! Still waiting for some more LoL videos (I hope that Riot releases the new Worlds song soon). I enjoy them very much!

  7. Most of the reactions I've seen, people seem to feel the same way. Vader won the first, Hitler the second and Vader the last. I absolutely love the "fired up" part of the third one. Great reaction!

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