Borderlands 3 – Tyreen and Troy Calypso Confirmed CONJOINED Twins! Does This Explain Troy's Powers?

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20 thoughts on “Borderlands 3 – Tyreen and Troy Calypso Confirmed CONJOINED Twins! Does This Explain Troy's Powers?

  1. So we have phase lock, phase walk, phase arms, phase shift and phase drain? What is the sixth siren power? Commandant Steele never truly showed her powers, so if the girl following Maya is a siren (and she would be about the right age), what would the power be?

  2. nope. conjoined twins are never different sexes- the joining is contingent on a single fertilized egg splitting imperfectly. This is dumb.

  3. I have a theory. In one of the Borderlands 3 trailers, Lilith mentions the Sirens and says "I used to be one of them." And at the E3 stage demo, someone mentioned that Tyreen has the unique ability to leech power. During that same demo, Lilith was shown to still have her powers but I believe that at some point in the game Tyreen and Troy capture Lilith and Tyreen transfers Lilith's powers to Troy.

  4. I hope they add lore explaining that one of the twins is transgender if they were previously conjoined. Because doesn't being fraternal twins makes it impossible to be conjoined since they weren't from the same egg?

  5. I feel like troy might be more powerful than we think, his sister is the leader and has a better personality. So she has the spot light. He gets to stay back and hell her. But even a pseudo siren is powerful, and may e if she dies all of the remaining power is sent back to him? His body cant handle it so it burns through him. But not fast enough to run, you have to fight him.

  6. cmon, conjoined twins is so weak, could've just made them monozygotic as an explanation instead of fucking "hurr durrr they were conjoined"

  7. I m pretty sure troy does the siren power stealing, since tyreen is a siren and he was the conjoint twin he problably have a power "void" since he a man. So he steal the powers and give them to tyreen

  8. For the sake of argument let's assume tyreen AND Troy are sirens. One life force (they would count as one siren) two bodies (horcrux?) But the siren power is killing Troy. And tyreen is able to "heal" him with the lifeforces of others. Thoughts?

  9. Calling it now (and again): I firmly expect Troy to switch sides at some point in the story because he is afraid of Tyreens thirst for power. Tyreen will then kill Troy in some way but not before he told the heroes about Tyreens weakness which lets us beat her in the end. Probably wrong but still interesting xD

  10. Maybe together they make one whole siren and the bro is just one half of a whole siren and therefore isn't a fake siren. You can't fake what you are after all.

  11. I will comment this on every video until it gets recognized. Zero is a robot. There are absolutely NO characters in borderlands 1, 2, or the pre sequel that have numbers instead of letters and are fully human. A few examples, CL4PTP, FL4K, H3RLY, ZER0, and the list goes on. They all have robot parts/ are robots.

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