Hot Topic Funko Pop Hunting | Simpsons, Aladdin, Spider-Man and More!

Today I go over to Hot Topic and Walmart to look for some new pops.

Hope you enjoy!

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20 thoughts on “Hot Topic Funko Pop Hunting | Simpsons, Aladdin, Spider-Man and More!

  1. Hey @ TopPops the reason Happy Hogan reminds you of the doctor off of Elf is because the guy who plays Happy (Jon Favreau ) also plays the doctor on elf. Hope this was helpful

  2. I finally found the flocked Mufasa with Tshirt set pop today! I guess the targets close to my house are probably popular pop places to hunt.

  3. DNI means do not inventory (when they count their merchandise they put these stickers when it's already counted) The store I work at use the same system

  4. That’s Jon Favreau playing both Happy and the Doctor. He also plays D-Bob in Rudy. He’s also a director and a producer and I think he’s executive produced some of the MCU films.

  5. I love your Daily Uploads.
    Got my first PoP this week.
    And somehow i didn't stop there…
    lots of Pre-Orders are on their way.
    How did this happen???😂✌

    🎶Retail Therapy my new addiction🎶

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