Prometheus – Viral Video – Meet David (2012) Ridley Scott Movie HD

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 thoughts on “Prometheus – Viral Video – Meet David (2012) Ridley Scott Movie HD

  1. I went to go see Prometheus in IMAX 3D tonight and it is definitely the way
    to see this movie. It’s a movie with great cinematography and fantastic set
    designs. It is a visual treat.

    This is the first science fiction movie in a while, maybe since Sunshine,
    which has a sort of tangible realism to it. The world and its characters
    feel plausible. Unfortunately, it shares something else with Sunshine in
    that the last third of the movie is a bit of a mess. The first two acts are
    very tight and engrossing, but they’re not perfect either. This movie lacks
    any sense of subtlety or mystery. I felt like my hand was being held by
    Ridley Scott as he guided me through the movie and whispered in my ear,
    “watch this character’s expression, that means you can’t trust him. Now
    watch him in the next scene because he’s going to have a suspicious
    meeting. See, told you that you shouldn’t trust him.”

    Thematically, the movie is not particularly original. It’s a movie about
    creators and creations, both of the ancient aliens variety and the robotic
    man variety. Both provide interesting parallels to each other, but the real
    standout is the android David played spectacularly by Michael Fassbender.
    Noomi Rapace is also very good in the movie. Overall I enjoyed the film, it
    just feels like it could have been so much more. Even so, I would probably
    pay to go see it again if someone who hadn’t seen it yet said, “Hey, let’s
    go see Prometheus”.

  2. I love the way Ridley’s Scott new movie Prometheus is being promoted.
    Besides the awesome trailers we are all used to in Hollywood. The all
    alternate Sci-Fi Science side of it is getting me really hipped. Kinda like
    if a new Steve Jobs was doing the whole space exploration thing and
    marketing it with these kind of adds. Absolutely amazing! :)

  3. I don’t care what anyone says, this character is the reason why I’m looking
    forward to Prometheus 2. David is one of the most memorable movie
    characters in recent history IMO, and Michael Fassbender is hands down one
    of the greatest actors of the modern era.

  4. Michael Fassenbender and Noomi Rapacci are the only good things in
    “Prometheus”… not even Charlize Theron and Guy Pierce wore able to
    convince me in that one… it’s a really stupid movie… -sorry, but i am

  5. Really? Two retarded top comments are the best this video can do? No, this
    is not Magneto from your silly coloring book movie. It’s a synthetic
    android from Ridley’s Aliens universe. No, he is not made of metal. He is a
    synthetic life-form. Duh.

  6. I expect in the future Micheal Fassbender to play a much more toned dwn,
    and sophisticated (at sametime, very tough and at times wen needed), cold
    007/James Bond, compared to (dare I say it lol) Daniel Craig’s Bond.

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